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Food Rescue Programme

The Food Rescue Programme (FRP) was founded in 2003 and was the first food rescue program created in Indonesia.


The FRP works with food donors and the Jakarta Hotels Association to secure prepared and perishable food from 40 four and five star hotels in Jakarta to distribute to hungry and malnourished people living in scavenger communities in and around Jakarta. Everything is provided free of charge to over 200-400 children, mothers and the elderly each day, with an average of 3.2 tons of food being delivered to diverse communities each month.

We prioritize food safety in all our operations and plan to work further in developing a professional food bank to continue to reach the hungry and impoverished. Historically, from August 2003, the FRP has rescued over 479,500 kilograms of food providing meals to over 1,609,500 individuals in 402,370 families. The Food Rescue Programme is committed to helping provide food and a healthier diet to hungry and malnourished people in the scavenger communities in and around Jakarta.

Food Rescue Programme beneficiary bringing food home
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