How We Work

Here are our divisions and programmes ...

Education & Community Development


The Outreach Programme (OP) ensures access to education and provides thousands of scholarships to disadvantaged and poverty stricken children in 500 schools every year.


The Innovative Schools Programme (ISP) is aimed at improving the quality of education and educational experiences of students in West Java in the single most effective way possible; by improving teacher quality.


The Mobile Library Programme (MLP) provides library facilities and books to disadvantaged communities. Particularly in poorer areas, libraries are nonexistent even at the school level.
The Individuals with Disabilities Education and Assistance (IDEA) Programme and its One World event was created in 2011 to help bring together individuals, businesses, and community organizations in Indonesia



Since 2010, the Integrated Health Programme (IHP) continues to provide various public health and hygiene initiatives to many schools, clinics, and communities through the training and educating of mothers, children, teachers and nurses.


The YE Food Rescue Programme (FRP) works with the Jakarta Hotels Association to secure prepared and perishable food from 40 four and five star hotels in Jakarta to distribute to hungry and malnourished people in the scavenger communities in and around Jakarta.

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