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Livelihood Resilience Programme

The Emmanuel Foundation created the Livelihood Resilience Programme (LRP) in 2020 to help families and communities face the health and economic difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. The programme provides urgently needed personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks and face shields, to disadvantaged individuals and marginalized communities. In addition to PPE, the LRP donates essential food items, hand sanitizers and soap while delivering a health and hygiene education and awareness campaign on how to reduce the risks of virus transmission.

In parallel, the LRP provides equipment, materials and skills training to mothers and communities on how to create PPE that meet international World Health Organization standards. We purchase these PPE from the families therefore ensuring a steady source of income at a time when many have lost their jobs. The PPE we purchase from those whom we have trained are then donated to communities who need them the most. The LRP has produced over 95,300 face masks, directly donating 38,086 to families, communities, schools and victims of natural disasters.

Livelihood Resilience Programme community mothers collaborating together
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