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Innovative Schools Programme

The Innovative Schools Programme (ISP) is aimed at improving the quality of education and educational experiences of students in West Java in the single most effective way possible; by improving teacher quality.

ISP forms deep, long-term relationships with partner schools, which are selected from applicants with whom Outreach Programme has existing relationships. ISP then tailors the program to meet the needs of the schools and the educators who work within them. The program takes teachers where they are and engages them in a process of experiential learning, reflection, and the application of contemporary educational research within their school contexts. All of the ISP trainers are international (SPK) school teachers and International Baccalaureate (IB) workshop trainers.  Since 2010, 174 schools and 1,190 teachers and principals have graduated from  the program with a 86% graduation rate and a teaching annual impact of over 70,500 students per year.

Innovative Schools Programme principals and teachers at graduation
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