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Brief History

  • 2000 - The Emmanuel Foundation is founded and the Immanuel Orphanage Home created.

  • 2001 - Establishment of the Educational Outreach Programme (OP) in the Bogor and Greater Bogor area for 7 scholarship recipients.

  • 2002 - Establishment of the Nicolas Orphanage Home; OP serves the DKI Jakarta area, first annual Outreach Gathering - OP scholarship recipients total 100.

  • 2003 - Establishment of the Health Services Programme (HSP) and the Food Rescue Programme (FRP) in Jakarta for 2 scavenger communities; first graduates from the home pursue further education and careers; OP serves the Sukabumi and Bandung areas - OP scholarship recipients total 450.

  • 2004 - Establishment of the Water Programme (WP) in Jakarta; HSP and FRP first quarterly "Baksos" initiative - 12 scavenger communities are served; OP scholarship recipients total 620.

  • 2005 - Consolidation of the 6 programmes into 2 divisions: Education and Homes & Community Services (HCSD); strengthening of the foundation and its constituents; HCSD focuses on 6 core communities; FRP over 100,000 food beneficiaries; OP scholarship recipients total 1,472.

  • 2006 - FRP participating hotels total 11; Disaster Relief & Recovery's (DRR) Yogyakarta and Central Java Earthquake Relief & Recovery work with over 16 tons of primary needs provided to victims; OP serves the Tegal and Banten area - OP scholarship recipients total 1,789.

  • 2007 - Establishment of the Mobile Library Programme (MLP) for the Bogor and Greater Bogor area providing 1,300 books to schools and village communities; HSP with over 15,000 patients on database temporarily on hold due to new government regulations; HCSD provides relief aid to 10 scavenger communities affected by severe Jakarta floods; Yogyakarta and Central Java Relief & Recovery work completed with 111 houses rebuilt; OP supports 500 schools and scholarship recipients total 2,000.

  • 2008 - Completion of the foundation's Home & Learning Center; MLP works with 10 schools and communities providing 1,800 books to 4,500 children and their mothers; MLP's Book Bound (BB) initiative is launched to provide a micro-library system through books in backpacks for 3 remote schools and their surrounding communities; Nutrition Education Programme (NEP) is launched under the umbrella of the OP to provide nutrition and nutrition education to disadvantaged primary school students.

  • 2009 - Establishment of the Innovative Schools Programme (ISP) in collaboration with international schools to improve the quality of education and teaching at 2 pilot schools; FRP participating four and five hotels total 12 and rescues over 250 tons of food to over 500,000 beneficiaries; NEP collaborates with a total of 10 primary schools to provide nutritional support; WP is spun off into a separate and independent organization solely focusing on water and sanitation; OP's Young Entrepreneurs pilot initiative launched to help potential entrepreneurs graduating from high school - OP alumni total 700 graduates.

  • 2010 - Establishment of the Integrated Health Programme (IHP) to focus on training and capacity-building for students, teachers and village clinic coordinators in Jakarta; 

  • 2011 - Establishment of the Individuals with Disabilities Education and Assistance (IDEA) programme to provide deeper and long-term support for students and individuals with disabilities and special needs in DKI Jakarta and throughout West Java;

  • 2012 - MLP begins its collaboration and support of a home for neglected senior citizens - over 52,000 children and mothers visit and participate in the library;

  • 2013 - IDEA creates One World, the first ever expo event for thousands of individuals with disabilities and special needs in Indonesia; FRP rescues and delivers over 250 tons of food;

  • 2014 - FRP over 1 million food beneficiaries.

  • 2015 - MLP over 100,000 children and mothers visit and participate in the library;

  • 2016 - ISP over 200 graduates; MLP over 3,000 library members;

  • 2017 - NEP Joy Schools Programme initiative launched in primary schools in Jakarta to provide regular access to proper nutrition while nurturing organic school gardens and education; FRP rescues and delivers over 400 tons of food; ISP over 60 schools complete the programme

  • 2018 - FRP over 1.5 million food beneficiaries. ISP over 600 graduates.

  • 2019 - ISP over 130 schools complete the programme with over 49,500 students impacted annually - annual capacity is increased to 360 per incoming class.

  • 2020 - The foundation adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic and creates 2 programmes: (1) Home Learning Programme (HLP) donating 810 tablet devices, connecting 907 students and teachers, and training 4,335 teachers on how to teach remotely; (2) Livelihood Resilience Programme (LRP) producing 40,000 face masks, distributing 23,000 PPE to families, and providing training and new  sources of income to families. DRR provides relief support to 1,132 families who were displaced by landslides in West Java.

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